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Back to school new delicious flavours

This school year begins with new savory and sweet treats, differentiate your warm display corner with our new proposals. Boureki Pie with spiral phyllo dough topped with crunchy sesame seeds filled with fresh spinach and feta or a vegetarian/vegan choice. Tasty Tip: on the feta pie add honey for extra pleasure. Individual puff pastry lines, within our Specialty category, have been created with a variation of the classic cheese pie, that is topped with corn, that is the new trend in puff pastry.

As a differentiated product, we singled out Stromboli, a new proposal with a special handmade country style yeast dough sprinkled with corn that is available with two different fillings, will definitely become a favorite. In the pie category highly recommended is a delicious new product, cut into individual convenience portions that could not be other than the no.1 choice the Anogia pie with feta, honey and sesame. Consumers will love it.

For sweet treats, enjoy a fluffy koulouri filled with praline and Oreo Cookies.

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New trends and proposals from Rodoula

Rodoula’s new fresh look brings new delicious flavours, with more modern touches in the decor and packaging of the products. Rodoulas emphasizes the need for each day to be different, full of moments of enjoyment, creating fanatical consumers for its quality and delicious products.

Download our new catalogs here now!

Our lives are full with special moments and Rodoula fills these memorable times with delicious flavours!

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Protective Measures Against COVID -19

Dear Partners and Consumers,

With over 20 years in the food business, Rodoula creates premium quality products from fine raw materials, always with respect to mankind and the environment. The company follows international production standards as demonstrated clearly by its certificates for quality assurance by BRC, IFS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and its worldwide exports.

Due to the fact that our product is produced and consumed daily, Rodoula would like to inform its partners and consumers that it has taken drastic safeguards for both its human resources and the production of safe final products. The food handlers of the company are already trained regarding personal hygiene and proper food handling. Moreover, sanitation in the production area has intensified during the day. Entrance in the factories is permitted only to employees. Staff shifts were also configured differently to avoid overloading the factories and keeping the required distances.

All employees of the company that are associated with warehousing, logistics, “deliveries and picking” wear masks and gloves, they have available antiseptic liquids, and are always in areas of open air. Furthermore, distributors that deliver Rodoula products worldwide are instructed to only enter specific site locations.

In addition to the information provided to staff by the department directors, EODY instructions have also been posted at central locations of all facilities to make them available to all staff and printed leaflets have been distributed.

A “COVID-19 Crisis Management Team” has been set up that is constantly updated on guidelines according to the World Health Organization and provides relevant guidance to all company personnel.

Whoever does not feel well does not come to work following a responsible attitude towards himself or others, “we stay home”. Anyone who has travelled, enters a 14-day quarantine and stay at home as instructed by the government. Departments that can work remotely do not come to the plants to minimize the likelihood of transmission and spread of the virus both internally and within our homes.

Rodoula and her people continue to produce and distribute her delectable products around the world. We will always do our utmost to serve. It’s a difficult time for everyone and we have to deal with it with a sense of calm and a sense of individual and collective responsibility.

President & Vice President
Panagiotis & Ilias Karachalios 

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New Vegan “Cheese” Cake

vegan cheese cake rodoula

Rodula, having created the vegan product line in dough (pies, mini pies, buns) since 2019, recognizes the need of the market for quality vegan / fasting dessert. Therefore, haw created the first Vegan “Cheese” Cake to meet the needs of his global demand, available in pre-cut form and made from 100% plant based raw materials, gluten free without dairy and lactose with coconut milk, cashew nuts, crunchy dates and raspberry-coated walnut.

A product aimed at professionals and available since early March.

View the first Vegan “Cheese” Cake

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Rodoula Strengthens its Cooperation with AB

ροδουλα και βασιλοπουλος

Rodoula Company with over 20 years of successful track record in dough and dessert products in Greece and abroad has strengthened its presence in the last 3 years in the Supermarket segment. Finding anymore the no.1 product of the company Patsavouropita everywhere. It comes in various delectable flavors, 4 of which can now be found on the AB store chains and online, as well as your favorite Bougatsa.

The first new code is the Mytilene Patsavouropita, the classic Greek traditional pie with rich yellow cheese filling, with an incredibly crunchy phyllo dough. Always ahead of the trends and seeing the global trend for vegan products, Rodoula has created the first award-winning FABI vegan cheese pie “cheese” substitute and traditional crunchy phyllo dough.

Try now at AB Vasilopoulos stores.

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Rodoula Annual Celebration

κοπη πιτας ροδουλα 2020

The companies executives, the Managing Directors Panagiotis & Ilias Karachalios as well as the Honorable Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism Konstantinos Loulis talked about the plans of the new year.

In addition to the usual gifts, there were many extra gifts for our associates attending: Aldemar Group, Iakovakis Spa, Beat & Snack, Βλάχος Bakery και Fresh Market.

Download the pictures here


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Rodoula launches its new media campaign in the USA

Having a dynamic growth plan focusing on exporting to America, it has managed to expand its Food Service and Retail partnerships over the past 4 years. Participation in the NRA shows and Fancy Food, as well as door-to-door visits to restaurants / hotels / bakery and dealerships, was particularly encouraging. Having created great partnerships like the one we started with Loumidis Foods for the New York tri-state in mid-2019.

In the American market offers products from all 2 categories with products with both Greek and international character. The best seller of pastries is Crinkly pie in all its forms and flavors (spiral, parallelogram and mini), each serving a different audience and different markets (hotel, restaurant, bakery). The development of Greek bakeries has created the demand for the most bakery products in individual portions, the products high in demand are are: spiral, crinkly pies, mini pies, and koulouria sandwich.

The sweet delights that have great sales are: Baklava, which smells of Greece, the delicious: Orange Pie, Chocolate Pie, Kokes, and Tsourekia and in International flavors Red Velvet, American Cheese Cake, Praline Hazelnut individual cake.

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Rodoulas Retail Products are now Online

η ροδουλα στα σουπερμαρκετ

Your favorite pastry and sweet retail products can now be found online. At My Market and E fresh stores consumers can find all 8 articles from our delicious pastries Naxos, Crete, Mytilene, Santorini, Monasteriaki/lenten, Elassonas, Vegan and Bougatsa. Of course, you can also find our sweet treats, Almond Chocolate Cake, Cookies Cake, Apple Pie with Fresh Apples, Biscuit Individual cake, Praline Hazelnut Individual cake, Chocolate Soufflé, Chocolate Individual cake.

Explore your choices online!

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New delicious sweet delights in My Market

Νέα σειρά γλυκών στα My market - rodoula

In early November, it launches two new delectable Cakes and upgrades its existing flavour, Cookies Cake with more distinctive decor. The 2 new flavors that you’ll find in  My Market freezers are: Hazelnut Praline Cake, which will uplift even the most demanding clients with its rich and velvety texture, the absolute Choco madness. The second amazing flavor is the Apple Pie with fresh apples, crispy and fluffy base which is pre-cut into 8 pieces that makes it easy to serve.

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Rodoyla Participated in Anuga Fair

Empowering the export department with new specialized executives for the markets of the America, Europe and the Middle East, they have been greatly boosted by expanding the company’s distribution network significantly in the last year, putting significant partnerships in its portfolio.

Specifically, at the latest European fair, Anuga in October, were new trends for dough and sweet category was presented, with great interest from suppliers for the new vegan category.  As always the no1 products of Rodoula, the Crinkly pies and the Greek Syrupy products such as Baklava and Kantaifi sparked the interest.

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Rodoula at the German Chain ​​Rewe

Rodoula, is counting almost 3 years in the Retail market in Greece, now started as well its partnerships with a European supermarket. At the end of August, the first tasting will start in the Rewe chains in order  for German market to experience the seven sensational crinkly pies and the luscious range of sweet treats that are loved worldwide

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Rodoula SA announces the financing of € 3,000,000 from the Elikonos 2 SCA Sicar investment fund. This funding will contribute to the further development of the company in the Greek market as well as in other selected markets around the world.

Elikonos also draws on funds from EquiFund, which is an investment platform and an initiative of the Greek State and the European Investment Fund (EIF). The Elikonos 2 SCA Sicar investment fund has total assets exceeding Euro 70 million and aims to finance growing Greek companies.

Equifund is funded by the Greek ESIF Fund of Funds TAESYM from the European Union / European Regional Development Fund / Operational Program EPAvEK Operational Program EPAvEK ), the EIF and the Institutional Investors, and aims to facilitate access to finance mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises by creating Venture Capital Funds in Greece in collaboration with authorized intermediaries.

Rodoula SA is one of the leading companies of frozen dough and dessert products in Greece with presence in more than 40 countries. The Company has a staff of 300 people. The Company’s products are manufactured in 2 production facilities in Attica, while the Company maintains distribution centers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete.

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New products range for food service

Rodoula brings fresh air to the catering market by creating new trends and suggestions for your stores. Launching new delicious codes in the dough and Sweet categories.

In the dough product category, we present 4 new product lines (Anogeion, Vegan / Vegetarian, Brioche and Stromboli Canapes) and new special flavors in existing ranges, such as Crinkly pies, mini crinkly pies, Puff pastry and handmade products. You can choose exactly what suits your store and area.

In the sweet category we introduced 3 new series (Magic Series with Cakes, Pastes & Coke, Semifreddo Series with Cakes, Individual Cakes, Syrupy desserts, Fitness Bar Series and Quinefe Series) and many other new suggestions that will give to your showcase a new feel and look with brighter colors and trendy looks in order to distinguish in an increasingly competitive market.

You can browse through our site and find new and updated products. Expanding our range and upgrading our design / décor to choose the product mix that will make your store stand out for both high quality and unique product décor.

Once again, Rodoula’s products promise quality, innovation and diversity.



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Rodoula Participated in NRA Show Chicago

For the second consecutive year, the company participated in the National Restaurant Association (NRA) exhibition, presenting new delicious flavors in dough and dessert products. The first ever Vegan Pie was presented at the FABI Award which held by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) highlighting with these awards the new trends in the food market in global level.

The shift to Mediterranean nutrition has led companies to turn to authentic Greek products. The company’s booth was visited by representatives of major hotels, restaurants and supermarket chains from all over the country wanting to include our products in their portfolio. They have been particularly interested in patsavouropita pies as they are now a trademark of Greek gastronomy, but also of sweet delights such as baklava and kantaifi.

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New sweet delights from Rodoula at the supermarkets

η ροδουλα στα my market

Rodoula after 20 successful years in the wholesale market and with more than 800 diversified options, from 2017, with slow and steady moves, has entered the retail channel. Originally with the very successful savoury Crinkly pies and the sweet temptation of Bougatsa with Madagascar vanilla. Observing the past 5 years the gap in the market for frozen desserts, the company decided to launch 8 new codes in the frozen dessert category in the retail channel. Thus, in December 2018 launched 6 new frozen flavors, Chocolate Almond Cake, Cake Cookies, Biscuit Pastry, Chocolate Praline Hazelnut pastry, Ekmek Kantaifi and Chocolate Souffle pasty. At the same time 2 new codes were launched at the dry category, the maginificent Baklava and the delicious Kantaifi. Enjoy now your favourite sweets at home!

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Rodoula has been awarded with the FABI award in Chicago

Rodoula is Greek company and leader in the market with more than 20 years of experience in producing high end artisanal products in the dough and dessert industry. The company produces a vast variety of premium products and has business activities in Food Service and Retail in the markets of Europe, America, the Middle East, Panama, Canada and Australia.

A great deal of attention is constantly allocated to R&D in order to produce innovative products that will differentiate Rodoula’s positioning worldwide, concerning quality and product experience. This effort has been relentlessly rewarded with receipt of a variety of European Awards for its premium quality and taste.

In March 2019 Rodoula was proud to have been awarded with the NRA, FABI award for its innovative product, Traditional Vegan Crinkly Pie. The National Restaurant Association Show with the 2019 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards, recognizes food and beverage products that are breaking new ground in taste, creativity, packaging and profit potential. These industry-altering products will shape the future of food and beverage with palatable and marketable items designed to delight diners and drive sales for years to come.

It’s an immense honour for a Greek company to have been awarded in such a competitive industry which shapes the future of food trends on a global level. Amongst the winners were well renowned global corporations such as PespiCo, Atalanta Co, CocaCola Company and Tyson Foods Inc.

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Rodoula in Artoza Exhibition

In recent years there is a worldwide trend towards Mediterranean diet and there is a great demand for Greek traditional products. Rodoula has been in the market for 20 years, offering a wide range of quality pastry and dessert products.

Rodoula always creates products that the entrepreneur can customize to their needs, character of his business and give his personal touch but always with the high standards of Rodoula.

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Rodoula’s Baklava at the biggest golf tournament in America

Rodoula was the sweetest temptation with the delicious Baklava in the official corner of the PGA Golf Tournament! PGA is one of the world’s 4 most important professional golf events in the United States of America. Our chef George Kastanias and Moore Foods presented the Greek flavors in the Championship Finals with great success. It is important for Greek companies to represent Greek gastronomy in such big competitions!

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Rodoulas booth at SIAL was the absolute Gastronomic Destination!

For the 5th consecutive year, Rodoula participated in an International Exhibition to consolidate its presence in foreign markets such as Europe, America, Canada and the Middle East through strategic partnerships. Sial is one of the largest food fairs in Europe, with active interaction with buyers and agents around the world. A wide range of savory and sweet delights were presented for wholesale and retail markets with leading products such as the Patsavouropita pie and the famous and unique Baklava. Rodoula managed to be the ultimate Greek gastronomic destination, attracting many people to taste her talent.

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Rodoula’s Crinkly Pies in the America Hypermarkets, Schnucks

Rodoula, with 20 years of experience in producing high end dough and pastry products and a leader in food service, has been dynamically entering the retail industry both in Greece and abroad. Rodoula is entering the international retail markets with its signature Traditional Crinkly Pies and the mini triangle. Schnucks has 107 supermarkets with a turnover of more than $ 2.7 billion and over 14,000 employees. Rodoula’s enormous success is to win the trust of a giant by placing on the shelves 4 traditional authentic Greek flavors. Its mandatory to highlight that the Traditional Crinkly Pies have been awarded by the International Institute of Taste and Quality – iTQi, based in Brussels, for their immense taste and quality.

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Rodoula presents its new products in the largest food exhibitions in America!

Rodoula Company presents for the third consecutive year its new products with great success at major food fairs in America. The two most important food fairs are the NRA in Chicago and Summer Fancy Food (in which were presented as a partner of Rutgers University Innovation Center) in New York.

Of course, the handmade Patsavouropita (Crinkly Pie) attracted the attention with the innovation in the phyllo dough, but as well our delicious handmade Baklava and the incomparable chocolate soufflé. All our products are clean labelled (preservative free and no trans fat). To the booth came over 4000 people including company representatives and partners from Canada, Miami, Atlantic City, Mexico, New York in the retail and wholesale.