Quality Control

Products for everyday consumption with such commercial development could not be randomly produced. We use the purest ingredients from the greek land, consistent partnerships have been accomplished with renowned Houses and the intenational models for the quality assurance are strictly followed.

The traceability system of the company makes it feasible for the company to have full control of its products, from the raw material production to the consumption of the product. The products and the recipes are studied so that the flavour consistency is assured.



We are certified with ISO, IFS,BRC and we have acquired Halal and Kosher cerificates due to our export activity.

All of our products go through the shock freeze process. This process retains the initial characteristics of the product unaltered so that the consumers all around the world can taste the authentic recipes of Rodoula.

Moreover, Rodoula has acquired all the necessary quality assurance certificates, including ISO, IFS and BRC certifications. Rodoula is certified as well as with Halal and Kosher certificates due to its immense export activity.

Clean Label Approach

for healthier and tastier products

We select the finest and the purest ingredients. We knead and we offer with love and care.

Food is basic energy for the human body. Therefore, the company, always in a respectful manner regarding human social responsibility and the environment, has set strong foundations so as to create clean label products. The company uses natural Greek ingredients, such as extra virgin oil,milk, yogurt, spinach, leek and herbs.

The majority of our products are preservative free, without genetically modified organisms and without trans fat. We select the healthier ingredients so we can adhere to the mediterranean diet.