Rodoula’s delectable journey…

In 1999, Panayiotis and Ilias Karahalios create a small production facility of Athens where they apply their valuable heritage. Τhis production facility was soon too small to accommodate the dreams, the ambitions and the increasing demand for Rodoula’s products.

Rodoula grows and expands…

Today with two production facilities, two distribution centers in Thessaloniki, Crete and one separate packaging and store unit for the retail products, accommodate the size of 10.000sm.

Today, Rodoula is one of the most established companies of frozen dough products and sweet delicacies.

A leader in food service, with presence not only in the Greek market but also abroad, Rodoula constantly keeps offering with consistency a future filled with quality flavors and innovative products.

The company’s main aim is to produce high end product with delectable taste. Quality assurance and consistency of its products is, is achieved by applying certified International Management systems ( ISO, BRC, IFS) during production.

The Mediterranean diet has been dominant for several years as global food trend and due to the market shift to multiple distribution channels has led the company to increase its export activities.

With slow, but steady steps, we began our export-related activity in Europe, USA (FDA Approved), Panama, Canada and in the Middle East (Kosher and Halal certified) with great success.


Benchmarks of Rodoula

  • In 2003, the dough Factory was established. Over the next few years, great emphasis was allocated to facility development, new technologies and the automation of processing and distribution network extension.

  • In 2007, vast investment led to the construction of the first automatic dough filling line.

  • Τhe company strategically creates Thessaloniki its first branch with a distribution center so as to cater the constantly increasing market of Northern Greece.

  • A New opportunity derived due to the gap in the market for frozen sweet delicacies both in Greece and abroad.

  • Sweet’s Production Unit is ready, the 2nd factory for Rodoula.

  • Rodoula enters the American and Canadian Market with its food service products.

  • Great insights were acquired by the research conducted with Rutger’s American University in 2015, where the foundations for company’s strategic expansion in the U.S.A were set.

  • Enters the retail sector in Greece and abroad, with key collaborations.

  • Rodoula, as a pioneer in its field, launches package deep-frozen desserts in the retail sector with enormous success.

  • In 2019, the company wins an innovation award and ranked in the future food trends in America for the vegan product called “Patsavouropita“.

and we continue...


Innovation, Quality, Honesty, Trust and Evolution.

Our values

The company has been running successfully for twenty years in the food sector,having solid values on which the company’s culture and its strategy have been standing all these years.

Family. Tradition, Knowledge, Respect, Teamwork, Creation.

Our aim

Rodoula’s aim is to become established as the best Greek and the most innovative dough and sweet delicacies company, with international standards, providing products of excellent quality and taste.

Our vision

Our vision for Rodoula’s products is that they become world famous for their high quality and delicious taste.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Rodoula is its people with whom shares the same passion and visions for creating delicious and distinguished products. An element of Rodoula’s success is that it grows and evolves in parallel with its people. It is notable that most of its personnel comes from the nearby areas and they have been working for the company since its start, strengthening the local society with employment positions.

Educational Programmes

Products of higher quality and flavour are continuously created through the evolution of Rodoula’s staff. The company invests a considerable part of its income every year on educational programmes which form new basis and new perspectives for all the employees.

The educational programmes are addressed to all the levels and all the units. It is important to mention that the biggest percentage of Rodoula’s employees come from the nearby area and the have been working for the company since its birth, strengthening the local society with employment positions.

Well-structured Working Environment

The company operates in an intense way towards the promotion of the employees’ rights and the balance between working and personal life. The working environment is well-structured, with facilities which are friendly to the employees, providing all the means of protection.

In Rodoula’s family, as in every family, there is the feeling of solidarity and mutual help.  The administration and the staff are always willing to help and contribute to the family in order to face the difficulties of this time. In this family, there are no social or racial discrimination. It is worth to be noted that a member of our staff who is visually impaired has been working for the company for more than seven years.


Social Responsibility

The company has intense social contribution and promotes volunteering within Rodoula’s society through the idea of social offer.  It sets the example, helping the vulnerable teams and the children in need.

The company supplies most of its raw materials from Greece and this of course was never a random choice.