Back to school new delicious flavours - Rodoula SA


This school year begins with new savory and sweet treats, differentiate your warm display corner with our new proposals. Boureki Pie with spiral phyllo dough topped with crunchy sesame seeds filled with fresh spinach and feta or a vegetarian/vegan choice. Tasty Tip: on the feta pie add honey for extra pleasure. Individual puff pastry lines, within our Specialty category, have been created with a variation of the classic cheese pie, that is topped with corn, that is the new trend in puff pastry.

As a differentiated product, we singled out Stromboli, a new proposal with a special handmade country style yeast dough sprinkled with corn that is available with two different fillings, will definitely become a favorite. In the pie category highly recommended is a delicious new product, cut into individual convenience portions that could not be other than the no.1 choice the Anogia pie with feta, honey and sesame. Consumers will love it.

For sweet treats, enjoy a fluffy koulouri filled with praline and Oreo Cookies.