Rodoula has been awarded with the FABI award in Chicago - Rodoula SA


Rodoula is Greek company and leader in the market with more than 20 years of experience in producing high end artisanal products in the dough and dessert industry. The company produces a vast variety of premium products and has business activities in Food Service and Retail in the markets of Europe, America, the Middle East, Panama, Canada and Australia.

A great deal of attention is constantly allocated to R&D in order to produce innovative products that will differentiate Rodoula’s positioning worldwide, concerning quality and product experience. This effort has been relentlessly rewarded with receipt of a variety of European Awards for its premium quality and taste.

In March 2019 Rodoula was proud to have been awarded with the NRA, FABI award for its innovative product, Traditional Vegan Crinkly Pie. The National Restaurant Association Show with the 2019 Food and Beverage (FABI) Awards, recognizes food and beverage products that are breaking new ground in taste, creativity, packaging and profit potential. These industry-altering products will shape the future of food and beverage with palatable and marketable items designed to delight diners and drive sales for years to come.

It’s an immense honour for a Greek company to have been awarded in such a competitive industry which shapes the future of food trends on a global level. Amongst the winners were well renowned global corporations such as PespiCo, Atalanta Co, CocaCola Company and Tyson Foods Inc.