Rodoula launches its new media campaign in the USA - Rodoula SA


Having a dynamic growth plan focusing on exporting to America, it has managed to expand its Food Service and Retail partnerships over the past 4 years. Participation in the NRA shows and Fancy Food, as well as door-to-door visits to restaurants / hotels / bakery and dealerships, was particularly encouraging. Having created great partnerships like the one we started with Loumidis Foods for the New York tri-state in mid-2019.

In the American market offers products from all 2 categories with products with both Greek and international character. The best seller of pastries is Crinkly pie in all its forms and flavors (spiral, parallelogram and mini), each serving a different audience and different markets (hotel, restaurant, bakery). The development of Greek bakeries has created the demand for the most bakery products in individual portions, the products high in demand are are: spiral, crinkly pies, mini pies, and koulouria sandwich.

The sweet delights that have great sales are: Baklava, which smells of Greece, the delicious: Orange Pie, Chocolate Pie, Kokes, and Tsourekia and in International flavors Red Velvet, American Cheese Cake, Praline Hazelnut individual cake.