New products range for food service - Rodoula SA


Rodoula brings fresh air to the catering market by creating new trends and suggestions for your stores. Launching new delicious codes in the dough and Sweet categories.

In the dough product category, we present 4 new product lines (Anogeion, Vegan / Vegetarian, Brioche and Stromboli Canapes) and new special flavors in existing ranges, such as Crinkly pies, mini crinkly pies, Puff pastry and handmade products. You can choose exactly what suits your store and area.

In the sweet category we introduced 3 new series (Magic Series with Cakes, Pastes & Coke, Semifreddo Series with Cakes, Individual Cakes, Syrupy desserts, Fitness Bar Series and Quinefe Series) and many other new suggestions that will give to your showcase a new feel and look with brighter colors and trendy looks in order to distinguish in an increasingly competitive market.

You can browse through our site and find new and updated products. Expanding our range and upgrading our design / décor to choose the product mix that will make your store stand out for both high quality and unique product décor.

Once again, Rodoula’s products promise quality, innovation and diversity.