Protective Measures Against COVID -19 - Rodoula SA


Dear Partners and Consumers,

With over 20 years in the food business, Rodoula creates premium quality products from fine raw materials, always with respect to mankind and the environment. The company follows international production standards as demonstrated clearly by its certificates for quality assurance by BRC, IFS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and its worldwide exports.

Due to the fact that our product is produced and consumed daily, Rodoula would like to inform its partners and consumers that it has taken drastic safeguards for both its human resources and the production of safe final products. The food handlers of the company are already trained regarding personal hygiene and proper food handling. Moreover, sanitation in the production area has intensified during the day. Entrance in the factories is permitted only to employees. Staff shifts were also configured differently to avoid overloading the factories and keeping the required distances.

All employees of the company that are associated with warehousing, logistics, “deliveries and picking” wear masks and gloves, they have available antiseptic liquids, and are always in areas of open air. Furthermore, distributors that deliver Rodoula products worldwide are instructed to only enter specific site locations.

In addition to the information provided to staff by the department directors, EODY instructions have also been posted at central locations of all facilities to make them available to all staff and printed leaflets have been distributed.

A “COVID-19 Crisis Management Team” has been set up that is constantly updated on guidelines according to the World Health Organization and provides relevant guidance to all company personnel.

Whoever does not feel well does not come to work following a responsible attitude towards himself or others, “we stay home”. Anyone who has travelled, enters a 14-day quarantine and stay at home as instructed by the government. Departments that can work remotely do not come to the plants to minimize the likelihood of transmission and spread of the virus both internally and within our homes.

Rodoula and her people continue to produce and distribute her delectable products around the world. We will always do our utmost to serve. It’s a difficult time for everyone and we have to deal with it with a sense of calm and a sense of individual and collective responsibility.

President & Vice President
Panagiotis & Ilias Karachalios