Peinirli Traditional Cheese – Tomato – Olive

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Fresh tomatoe, feta and olives have been added to the already succesful recipe of peinirli. Country dough along with this combination of Greek materials makes peinirli your first choice!

  • Description

    71.0110Cheese - Tomato - Olive260gr/item | 20Pcs/carton | 72carton/palette
    71.0515Tomato - Olive260gr/item | 20Pcs/carton | 72carton/palette
  • Usage Instructions

    • Pre heat the oven
    • Always needs defrosting, blooming 40 c for 50-60’’
    • You can spread on top egg and milk for better taste and look
    • Place the product in the oven and bake at 170-180 °C for about 20-25′