Peinirli Brioche

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This is the outcome of our expertise in making traditional peinirli and of course of our experience in making bread. This time, the brioche has been shaped as a small boat accommodating ham hoc, creamy cheese and bacon for a tiny spicier touch.

  • Description

    71.0178Cheese - Ham - Bacon230gr/item | 30Pcs/carton | 72carton/palette
    71.0316Cheese - Ham - BaconBoat240gr/item | 30Pcs/carton | 72carton/palette
  • Usage Instructions

    • Pre heat the oven
    • Always needs defrosting, blooming 40 c for 50-60’’
    • You can spread on top egg and milk for better taste and look
    • Place the product in the oven and bake at 170-180 °C for about 20-25′