God save the Queen - Rodoula SA


Τhe Queen is none other than CHOCOLATE, related to so many love stories, happy moments but also disappointments…That moment when the lips find chocolate, senses get awaken, eyes close immediately, heart is triggered to beat faster, pulse rates increase, the muscles of the face contract to a smile. RODOULA honors Chocolate by presenting a selection of its versions.

Bueno cake is exactly what you dreamed of: Crunchy wafers coated with hazelnut cream and milk chocolate. Already cut in pieces for your own convenience, budget friendly as it can meet your demand. Dream Ferrero cake will always be a safe choice for chocolate lovers, meaning that it will not stay on your store window for a long time.



Desserts could not be missing this recipe that combines French and Greek elements, representing the most classic chocolate choice…none other than our favorite “profiterole”. Equally-sized pastry rosettes, golden baked, so beautiful that you’re afraid to touch them, filled with pastry cream, and covered in bitter chocolate and milk chocolate shavings. So perfect and now so easy to make…besides we’ve produced it millions of times throughout all these years.

Whatever food store you own, “cake” will be always a must have dessert, for any client any moment of the day. American Dream Cake is chocolate at its best! Layered choco madness cake with cream chocolate and on top of that chocolate flakes, that will flip your mind. Literally dipped in chocolate!