Traditional Cretan Pie with Greens and Graviera Rect 6 pcs

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The famous Traditional RODOULA pie combines “graviera Greek cheese” with a rich filling of greens and spinach and coating of sesame,  one of the most authentic Cretan recipes. Easy to cut, delicious in taste, and very unique in filling and “fyllo” (foil) quality.

  • Description

    71.1206Spinach - Mountain Greens - Graviera - Kefalotyri1300gr/item | 7Pcs/carton | 72carton/palette
  • Usage Instructions

    • Pre heat the pan with frying oil. The product does not need defrosting.
    • Place the product in the pan and bake at 170- 175 °C for about 50-60”  in absorbent paper and serve them