Mini Cake Mix 2, 60pcs

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Delicious mini treats with a base of dark chocolate filled with various flavors: Ferrero – Cheese Cake – Biscottino – Almond – Bueno – Lemon. You will find 5 pieces of each flavor for the perfect treat.

  • Description

    71.8690Almond, Ferrero, Lemon, Cheese, Bueno, Biscuit30/pc | 30pcs/box| 126box/pal EU 189box/pal US
  • Usage Instructions

    Store in the freezer at -18°C.
    Defrost in storage at 0-4°C for 1-3 hours depending on the volume of the product.
    After thawing, keep for 3-4 days in storage at 0-4°C.
    Defrost small quantities of products, depending on your sales dynamics.
    After defrosting, refreezing the product is prohibited.