Cheese Pie Kourou All Bran Multigrain

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Shortcrust cheese pie, we are kneading by using whole wheat flour, we fill it with Feta from Epirus (P.D.O.) and Mizithra and we fold it by hand. Sprinkled with white and black sesame. Superfood ingredients for those who want to combine healthy nutritional values with absolute taste.

  • Description

    71.0456CheeseD-shape160gr/item | 50Pcs/carton | 72carton/palette
    71.1332 Cream Cheese - PhiladelphiaD-shape160gr/item | 50Pcs/carton | 72carton/palette
  • Usage Instructions

    • Pre heat the oven
    • Always needs defrosting, optional blooming
    • You can spread on top egg and milk for better taste and look
    • Place the product in the oven and bake at 180 °C for about 25-30′