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Ευρώτα 24, 136 72 Αχαρναί
Τηλ. κέντρο +30 210 24 47 550

Πάροδος Παλαιάς Συμμαχικής Οδού Ωραιόκαστρου – Θεσσαλονίκης, Διαβατά Ιωνίας
Τηλ. κέντρο +30 2310 785422

+30 210 24 47 550 info@rodoula.gr

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The Beginning

A name … a story!

A delicious story begins somewhere in Epirus in a beautiful house by the lake. With very game, happy voices, smells delicious’ age coined the man, “as said our grandmother, we introduced him to the secrets of gastronomy and wellbeing. The saw to sift, to flour, to ferment and filled pies with all good. “The pies are like people,” he said. “The outside may look like … but what counts is hidden inside “. In of the games, and throwing furtive glances in the oven until” golden pie “loved her cooking and her beliefs.

Probably so they called the Rodoula! Living with it a magical experience left us an important legacy. A legacy that contains recipes we love, passion and knowledge on materials and the correct food & lots of passion for what they do. Words still ringing in our soul “The world may seem large, but it is small. Fits in your hand, like pies. And you do not need anything else to the win, despite these hands and the daily effort to do the best we can. Only then life has a taste … delicious! “.

Who we are

With these supplies, 1999Panagiotis and Elias Karachalios in a neighborhood of Athens created a small workshop to implement the valuable heritage . With absolute respect, very personal care and taste foundations were laid for animpressive future of our company.

And we continue, resulting in everything that brought us the top choice for its customers, to create a secure future full of quality flavors, family pleasures and new, innovative products that are on the table of the world.

The People

Along the way she went people respected the same values and always tried their best. So now a key element of the company’s success are its people, from whatever position they are. A large and dynamic group of employees and managers, well trained and specialists in all areas of production, distribution, sales, logistics and management, daily is beside you.

Why US

Our effort is to always offer a safe, neat, healthy and quality products through modern and standard production processes, combining high technology with traditional authentic recipes and always respecting the requirements and characteristics of each client .

We select the best and purest ingredients and knead with love and care.